Please read descriptions for each category and submit requests that will be close match with your current needs. All applications are FREE! Multiple requests are permitted but you need to fill separate form for each of your requesting category. You will be notified by e-mail about the results of your request.

In each category, upon receiving and reviewing your request(s), we will provide you a list of qualified applicants whose applications were evaluated and admitted for collaboration efforts with SciVendor and its job offering parties like you. If multiple choices are available, they can be sorted based on factors such as quality of their service (based on an assigned impact and customer review factors, if available), proposing rates, available hours, and location.

Request Agent Related Services

Examples: marketing, sales, advertisement, distribution, literature search, undergraduate level research, presentation, customer service, etc. Start Application

Request Technical Writer/Reviewer Related Services

Examples: university and business grant applications, manuscripts, reports, catalogs, web content, blogs, etc.
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Request Scientist/Engineer Related Services

Examples: research, development, manufacturing, supervision, management, quality control, technical support, etc.
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Request Consultant Related Services

Examples: start-up companies, business expansion, advisory services, technical issues, etc.Start Application



Request Patent Attorney Related Services

Examples: patent search, patent filing, copyright, trademark, business laws, etc. Start Application

Request Investor Related Services

Examples: funding resources offered by individuals, banks and institutions, grant opportunities. Start Application



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If you are unsure about the section that you should register in, please submit your application to SciVendor team will recommend you to an appropriate section after reviewing your application materials.