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Selling your new products: Select this option if you produced a scientific product or instrument and would like SciVendor to include it in science products list after reviewing your application and your product specifications. Upon achieving an agreement by members, SciVendor will also include in this section advertisements for products that have been made internally as collaboration efforts between its active members and departments. Official sales and marketing representatives of companies with activities in different areas of science and technology are also welcome to submit their products for advertisement and sale in this section.
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Selling your used products: Select this option if you have some used science products or instruments and would like to include them for sale. A quick review of your item will be conducted by SciVendor to ensure your item is suitable for listing. You will get options to either sell it for best offer, for a fixed value, or a combination of both options. Start Application

Recommending a product for sale: If you are aware of any specific product or instrument with a good marketing demand in specific areas of sciences and engineering that is not currently available widely and easily, you can recommend it to be included in this section. Upon selling your recommending item, you will be rewarded with commission. Start Application

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