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SciVendor is continuously looking for motivated, intelligent and energetic professionals in physical, biological, engineering and medical sciences to join us as SciVendor employees.

If you would like to be considered as a prospective employee for SciVendor, please create an employee account by completing a quick and easy application. The priority will be given to applicants who have history of membership and contracts with SciVendor prior to their application for employment. If an existing opening matches with your skills, an associate will contact you.

Alternatively, you can choose your profile to be available for view by our external registered employers and job offering parties from a global pool of companies and institutions who may look to hire new employees. Due to its business and networking with a pool of employers, SciVendor can help in driving you in a right path for developing your next career.


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Employers looking for entry level applicants in different areas of science and engineering usually have uncertainty about the capability of a recent college graduate in dealing with real world projects. On the other hand, they do not wish to neglect an intelligent recent college graduate due to lack of sufficient full-time work experience.

SciVendor is proud to provide a solution to resolve this issue while both parties get benefits. SciVendor will evaluate and score the applicants who have been involved in different business sectors of the company for the time they performed full- and/or part-time services. With assistance from our external referees, for those members who fulfilled company's criteria, SciVendor will issue a certificate that recommends that candidate to employers for specific types of service(s).

As an employer who is interested to have access to these applicants as well as to our pool of curriculum vitae for non-certified applicants, you can create an outside employer account by filling this application. The application is FREE!


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Employers who are looking for independent contract service are referred to visit Science Collaborations.