Please read descriptions for each category and register in a section that closely matches with your education, work experience and skills. All applications are FREE! You will be notified by e-mail about the status of your registration after your application is reviewed.


As our part-time agent, you will be paid for research and marketing efforts within established or future projects at SciVendor. Part-time applications - if allowed by their current employer - from university and college students will also be considered for participation in this category. Summer and seasonal internships may be available.Start Application

Technical Writer/Reviewer

People with proven skills in writing technical content for business purposes are strongly encouraged to participate in this section. The application is open for all groups of applicants, but we specifically support graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from universities for part-time participation - if allowed by their current employer - in writing efforts in their current field(s) of research and study. Start Application


This section is designated for entry to senior level scientists and engineers as well as students, residents, and scholars in graduate and postgraduate levels who are willing to participate and get paid in a variety of research and engineering part-time projects besides their daily jobs. These applicants are encouraged to register and participate - if allowed by their current employer- in this category to conduct applied research projects directed by SciVendor or its job offering and manufacturing parties. Start Application


This section is designated for professionals with a superior combination of education and experience for participation as part-time consultants in several directions of the company. You may register in this section if you feel you have enough proven expertise to be considered as an expert in your field. SciVendor team will evaluate your application and notify you whether you are qualified as a consultant or you need to first participate in other categories. Start Application


Patent Attorney

We encourage US and International patent attorneys with a valid license to register in this section. Recent U.S. law school graduates who have not taken their bar exam yet may also register for consideration. Upon achieving a match with your area of practice, you will be contacted for collaboration in ongoing projects at SciVendor. Start Application


Individuals who are willing to invest in any direction of SciVendor's activities are encouraged to register as an investor. After reviewing your application, a representative will contact you and share more details. You will be able to select from a list of available investment opportunities along with a detailed technical, legal and marketing explanation for each project. Start Application

Not Sure?

If you are unsure about the section that you should register in, please submit your resume in PDF format and a brief message to When uploading a resume, please take steps to remove sensitive information such as social security numbers, dates of birth, and financial information. SciVendor team will recommend you to an appropriate section after reviewing your application materials.